Delicious muffin or splashes of sparkling champagne?

Women… Every woman is unique. Her preferences and thinking styles, her life principles and the ways of expression.

Purpose of a new Cartier collection “Paris Nouvelle Vague” inspired by its home city, adorable Paris is to emphasize our femininity and courtliness; our obstinate character or well-oiled disposition.

It’s all about inconstant women mood…

Based on Cartier archival data, Paris Nouvelle Vague collection received new inspiration in 2015. Now its contemporary design and venturous contrast of colors go with almost everything. It doesn’t matter if you put on blue jeans or cocktail dress. I had a chance to wear all these luxury jewelry that took my breath away. Paris Nouvelle Vague collection definitely describes our personality and inner world.

It was love from the first sight when I found “my necklace and ring”. They express my mischievous and spontaneous temper, full of drive, some mystery and unmeasurable love to freedom. Which one is yours? Ring that looks like mmm… delicious muffin or necklace that reminds fireworks or splashes of sparkling champagne?

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Shot by Natalya Abilova /

Jewelry by Cartier, new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection


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